Daniel Rappaport

Hey Scott.

Really great and useful information as always. I recommend this to anyone wanting to build website traffic for themselves. Well done!


Your Traffic Building School Videos are great Scott. Thank you for offering them online. The videos are packed with extremely useful advice on how to increase traffic using reasonably simple methods. I like the short two minutes length, no reason not to look at them daily when they land in your inbox.

Monty Davis

Hi Scott --

Yes these videos have been very helpful and have given me lots of ideas I had never thought of. There are too many ideas to try all at once but I'm certainly going to decide which ones will work the best for me.

Best, Monty

jim tompkins


Thanks Scott,

This is really useful loaded with great information especially for us newbies ,
I have downloaded the series now so that I can review and watch any time/where ...



I need these videos. Thanks.


Hi Scott,
Just wanted to say thanks for making these videos available! They are a great tool and introduce some great marketing tips. These videos have given me some great ideas for how to market my own e-book.

Devi Bheem

Wealth of information with these videos. Great investment. I'm learning so much with easy to follow and detailed explanations.

Louis Kuper

Hi scott these videos are great!! they are short and easy to watch over and over and contain so much information that I would have over looked. I would recomend these to anyone who is looking to find ways to get more traffic to their site!!

Christine Corretti

I just purchased and watched the Traffic video series and love it.
There's info here that I didn't find in other books and online articles.

Alec wang

Scott, excellent content in these video series. Can't wait to watch the rest of the video.



Richard Moss

Hi Scott,
This series has been great for me. It has opened my mind up to more options that I would have ever thought of before, not just for traffic but for making my blog a lot better. Please continue helping others and you will be blessed.
Thank you for your support'
Richard Moss


Hi Scott,
Thank-you for all of your excellent advice given in Traffic Building School!

The information has been very helpful and encouraging!

I am also grateful to be a member of your community. I would encourage anyone interested in becoming an internet entrepreneur to utilize all of your expertise from your books to your Click Millionaire community!

Thanks again for your inspiration!


richard h

i like traffic building school because its short easily understandable videos , and the info is valuable


Hi, Scott -

I listened to the audio version of your first book and it really helped me start my business. My website launched at about the same time this video series started. Lucky me! As of yesterday, my website was already at the top of page 3 on Google search after only one month online, thanks to implementing your tips. Thanks!

Norman McCulloch

Hello Scott,
I look forward to learning alot from your videos. I am enjoying the ones i have watched so far! thanks!


Love the small bite format. I look forward to reading them each day. I'm even taking notes.


I am finding the traffic building videos very helpful. My website is to the point that I am trying to build traffic and this came at just the right time. Thanks.

Maurice O. Pharr, Jr.

All of your traffic building videos have been top notch. I have only just started as a complete novice and this information is proving invaluable. Thank you very much Scott. Keep up the great service.


Hi Scott,

The traffic building video is fully loaded with great information and it is fantastic. I couldn't have asked for something else. The step by step guide has really helped me and I know I will surely use it to get started online soon.

Keep the good work up.

God bless you.


jacob montemayor

hello scott,

i love your books and i love your videos!

i am now again reading your book the 2nd time around...


Jim Vana

Scott; The videos have been very helpful and informative.
When I start my website I'll be sure to utilize your info.

chau rua

thanks so much information

Lisa Gerard

I've learned so much in just the first week. Can't wait for all the rest of the videos and to put some of these traffic building tools into practice.

Thanks for a helpful course delivered in an easy to handle format.


I've enjoyed both your books and find this traffic building series useful with its bite sized chunks each day.

Ramiro Rodriguez

Hey Scott,

When your video began playing I recognized your face. I thought - I know this guy. I watched one of your other video tutorials.

Thanks for all of your work! I know it takes time and effort to create these videos. I'm trying to create some now and I have a crappy looking one on my YouTube channel.

Hey - I'm trying. And at least I'm doing something to learn.

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