I've read Scott's books and this is just as good. Great and to the point.

Geoffrey Hoyle


The pointers that have been raised on Traffic Building are excellent and I shall be applying some of the ideas to my web sights.

I discovered your work through reading your two books which are a must for anyone marketing through the internet and am constantly encouraging friends to read them.

Keep up the good work.


Mark george

Great series and very good pace of learning


great ,really informative.

Wylar Logan

Hi, Scott
I just started my series on Traffic School and feel very optimistic and hopeful about the info. Thanks for making these videos available.
Wylar Logan

Kurt Smith

Hey Scott--

Thank you for making these videos available. Your site and books have been very helpful in getting my ballpark guide business off the ground, and I will continue to check in in the future. I really appreciate that you are helpful to startups, and I will be recommending your site and books to people interested in striking out on their own.

Thanks Again!
Kurt Smith
Ballpark E-Guides

Sandi Eveleth

Thanks for these great videos, Scott. They are quick and easy, which is great for those of us with little time on our hands. Will continue to recommend your books and videos!

Patty Raustler

Thanks for all your help. You have made learning about trafficing my site understandable. I appreciate all the time you have invested in helping others.
P.S. I also highly recommend his books. They are great.

Rob Turner

Hi Scott - Just a quick line to thank you for the Traffic Building Video series which I'm finding very useful. Web marketing is such a large subject its great to have a set of proven strategies to follow which will deliver results when applied. Easy to absorb and fit in to the working day. Thanks and please keep them coming! Rob Turner


Hi Scott,

I've really been enjoying these bite-sized bits of information. Videos are a great format - so quick and easy to watch - and always packed with useful info. Keep up the great work!


Rik Vig

Hi Scott:

The series of videos are terrific and a great supplement to your book, E Riches 2.0. I am still getting started, but I already have my new blog together, am posting and beginning to implement what I've been learning from you. The e-commerce part is the next big bite for me, along with trying more and more of your methods for promoting and driving traffic.


Hi Scott, thanks for your videos, I'm enjoying them and they are most helpful.




I've read "Eriched2.0" I think it is very helpful for me.
Now I'm increase traffic for some website. It very ok.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the videos. I've tried every one of your suggestions so far and, although not all of them seem to work for me, the ones that do work are brilliant!

Murray Comber

Hi Scott...I have read both of your books which lead me to the many links contained in them. I am immensely enjoying the traffic building training video's even though I am only 5 lessons in.

I'm in the early stages of learning how to market some business related eBooks/eCourses which are still in the process of being written. I'll be digging in deeper and at some point ClickMillionaires. Thank you so much...Murray


Hi Scott, The traffic building videos are going great so far as this is an area I need some help with. I have read your book Internet Riches and it inspired me to build my first website, i have actually read it 3 times so far and I am half way through your new book E-Riches and it is amazing too.
Thanks for all of the help.

Craig Schadow

Hi Scott-

I'm enjoying your vids. I read your book E-riches 2.0 and I got not one but many ideas for my business, Schadow Chiropractic. Keep up the great work!

Sarah Bell

Hi Scott!

Your tips and tricks for better website traffic are great! It's such a useful learning tool and every time I catch one of your videos it reassures me that I'm on the right path to succeeding in my business.

As always, Internet Riches 2.0 is on my shelf. :)

Thanks a lot!
Sarah in Australia

Linda Crull

Scott, I saw an ad in the paper today for a lunch & 1 hour talk on How Social Media can help your business. ONE HOUR, I had to laugh, because I get more than that with your Traffic Building School videos. I hope the lunch was good, LOL
Linda C


I have listened to a number of gurus over the years, but you deliver really useful succint sound bites, and very manageable even with a busy workload.


Sifting through the abundance of marketing information available on the net is a time-consuming job.

Your traffic building videos make the process much simpler. You get to the core point quickly and succinctly, allowing the listener to decide if they'd like to investigate further.


Geoff Frewin

Fantastic stuff Scott, I don't think there is anything else out there that matches these videos.

I've learnt so much and put so much into action and need I say it really does work and generates Traffic genuinly to my site !

Thanks and keep up the great work

Christchurch UK


Hi Scott,
Thanks for offering these free videos. I have just started and I am sure they will be as good as your motivational quotes that I have been following for a long time. Keep up the good work.


I love the daily videos. They are short and to the point. I learn something every day and the bite-size chunks make it easier to put them into practice. Thank you for the great resource.


Hi Scott, I have been reviewing your Traffic Building videos over the past few weeks and I am pleased to say that I have just submitted my 1st article on my product today. Your videos are very short and to the point, your book even better. I feel that I am armed with the most current information out there.

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