Sebastian Rozo

Namaste Scott and other commentors. Thank you for your help and awesome lego's hahah, very creative.

Douglas Andrews

I am excited about this series. I am always looking for additional avenues of traffic. Content may be King, but Traffic is the Queen! (can't live without her)

Reggie Dunbar II


Chris Briggs


You just keep on giving Scott! Really liking the work. Can recommend Site Build It - which I found through your website recently to all people as with those above "trying to find their niche" When used in conjunction with your resources, I really don't feel I can go wrong - which of course isn't true, but at least builds the confidence 'newbies' like me need to move forward and give it a real good shot. Still building my site, these vids should really help. Thanks again.

Tammie Wood

I am like allot of other people who are trying to find a "niche". I am over 50 years old, and have spent most of my life raising and worrying about kids. Some of things I used to like, am no longer interested in. So, ya, it is hard finding a "niche" in life. I am looking forward in ideas that your course provides. Thank you

Ken Montville

I'm looking forward to the rest of the Traffic Building School videos. I'm just starting out so all this stuff if new to me. My most pressing need now if on how to "find a niche". Thanks for Traffic Building School!

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