I've never heard of this marketing technique; regardless I am very grateful for the tip and on my way to learning and applying this knowledge to my website's benefit :) Thank you

Cory Crabtree

What a great way to begin Traffic Building School. I immediately took this info signed up for EZineArticles and followed all of the rules. In a few hours I posted my first article to ezine... FROM MY WORDPRESS SITE. I did this by downloading and installing their plugin. I have already submitted article and am working on my third.

What I learned? Article marketing and the submission process is an art form. There are many factors that must be considered to make it work effectively.

Encouragement to others? Do not let the learning curve and process overwhelm you to the point doing nothing. Determine your course of action and act on that before moving to the Traffic Building video.


I am so excited about this traffic training. I have been thinking about article marketing but wasn't sure how to move forward in an effective manner. The video and the e-Riches 2.0 book helped me develop and solidify my blueprint for this strategy. I really love the traffic videos because they are short but packed with good ideals that I can implement in bite sizes.

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