Cory Crabtree

I couldn't agree more with Scott on this one. I have been using Wordpress for at least 6 years now actively and can attest that it is a powerful platform with a lot of great plugins. Additionally, I have had wonderful success with getting support on the many forums out there.

What I Have Learned? Yikes... I have learned I have been wasting a lot time and effort. I have been blogging, writing and contributing for some time now only all of it... 100% of it did not go to help me grow my Internet business. Why? Because I didn't have an Internet business. Well, that has certainly changed because now I have not just one but three and already have my eye on several more (thank you Scott Fox). Now when I blog I can also do so knowing that it helps others AND also helps grow my business. There is a WIN-WIN!!

Encouragement To Others? I have not used Typepad but I have used Blogger and several other blogging platforms. I highly recommend above all other Wordpress. Easy to get up and running, easy to install plugins, easy to update regularly, it is secure, SEO friendly out-of-the-box and come ready to blog. If you are on the fence just dive in and begin learning it. You'll get it.

Geoff Frewin

Thanks Scott another excellent Training Video. I've just picked up on Wordpress and find it simple and professional, so thanks some great tips as always !

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